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Brand building and promotion 
The brand building and promotion for Ruidu Design Group: 
        The logo of Ruidu Design Group was based on the combination of letter “r” and “d”. The logo gives people the sense of upright and stable, represents buildings in people’s eyes indicating looking the world from the viewpoint of architecture. The logo not only highlights the essence of this company, but also shows the outstanding position of Ruidu Design Group in this industry; The logo is made of red, white and black. Red indicates the rich emotion of designers, and also gives people the prosperous and positive feeling. The combination of color and design not only shows the rationality of architecture, but also the sensibility of human. The logo is modern, concise, comprehensible, international and far-reaching. 

Brand building and promotion for customers:
        For a company, brand is helpful for selling products, building positive product image, therefore, CEOs of famous domestic and oversea enterprises count expanding banding share as their operation target. Brand is a key to the enterprise survival and development. The reason that many famous enterprises can survive in market competition is their brand strategy. 
Brand management is indispensable to real estate industry to enter into international market:
        China’s market economy has gone through Advertising Age and Marketing Age. With more and more international brands entering into Chinese market, China’s market economy has entered into the Brand Age. As for the real estate industry, it should have the sense of brand with deep pressure from international brand ahead so as to lay the foundation of brand operation in real estate industry. To carry out brand operation strategy is the inevitable choice for China’s real estate industry to enter into international real estate industry. 

        Nowadays, with the furious market competition and complex market environment, real estate industry must have brand sense and value brand operation strategy in order to achieve long-term survival and development. To build good brand image, it is a conscious operation process. To build an influential brand, enterprises need careful operation and long-term investment which has high return. For China’s real estate industry, we should carry out brand operation strategy to the world and the future. We should strive for the future to be in an invincible position. 

        Ruidu Design Group values brand image and creates excellent products for customers. 
        Ruidu Design Group gives you not only a design but also a brand!