Qingdao Ruidu Architectural Design Co., Ltd was established in 2007. It has obtained Grade A building design certification. For the company, it has lots of experienced experts with advanced ideas,and we have more than 200 designers working here. With so many talents, Ruidu Design Group is a technically outstanding company in the architectural design industry, and it has been accredited by ISO9001 Quality Management System and received the honor of AAA Integrity Unit in engineering survey, design, consultation industry in Qingdao every year.

        Ruidu Design Group is located in Qingdao University Science Park on Hong Kong Road, Haibin Avenue, adjoining Ocean University of China and Qingdao University. The company pays great attention to the design and has the guiding principle of elaborate design, best service, constant improvement, and customer satisfaction. It treats creative new design as its standing point in the market and prefers to contribute perfect, harmonious and social responsible designs. It continuously releases excellent new design, and spares no effort to be innovative so as to lead the design industry in Qingdao.

        Our design scattered all over China, and many of them have won awards and receiving great attention from other counterparts. Our products also make the construction units receive favorable social, economic and environmental reward. It all stems from the complete quality assurance system of the company.

        Ruidu Design Group has a well-established department system and it has cooperated with many large-size design groups.We have already planed many important projects. In the meanwhile, it co-established strategic alliance with many well-known competent development and construction units. It has established complete and efficient management and operation scheme, and also employs the project responsible system. As for human resources management, it values more on working capability, aims at bring into full play of talents so as to do better with all employees’ efforts. The company has the advanced design idea of people first, market orientation guidance in order to make building project achieve overall improvement on social, environmental and economic performance.

        Ruidu Design Group has a subcompany in Shanghai, named as “Ruidu International”. It has about 100 employees that is led by experienced architects. The design group is also a creativity-architects-centered team which contains technically skilled worker to assist so as to provide the best design for consumers.

        Ruidu Design Group will continuously develop both domestic and international market and provide comprehensive architectural design service——preliminary planning, residential building design, commercial hotel design, cultural and educational building design, office building design, scientific research building design, landscape design. It can provide services for customers all across the country. With the development and construction enterprise long-term strategic cooperation in order to provide the best service, the best to creating outstanding talents, the best design!